All ingredients for a successful email marketing campaign

Drag and drop template editor

Smaily drag and drop template editor allows you to play with the content, realising your conceptual ideas in seconds. It’s intuitive and simple!


If you need inspiration, we have a predefined set of templates in different color schemes, so you will probably find something that you like in no time.


You don’t need to know anything about HTML, image dimensions, fonts, line heights etc. We’ve got you covered.


Also, take a look at inspirations created with our drag and drop editor

Responsive design

Our newsletter templates are built with the support of responsive / adaptive design.


Create a newsletter once, and be sure that it adopts to any screen that you might be sending it to – from large retina screens to tablets and phones.


If some inbox programs change support for something, we fix it once on our side and every one of your templates will be fixed as well. No mumbo-jumbo. You’re welcome.

Smart subscriber management

Managing your subscribers is essential. Our subscriber management tool allows you to import contacts and sort them out in a way that you find the most suitable.


The system takes care of duplicates, bad emails and manages bounces.


We support every version of Excel, LibreOffice, CSV, even Outlook and MailChimp export files.

Easy campaign statistics tracking

Tracking campaign statistics is the most crucial part of any email marketing campaign.


With our well loved and cared for statistics tracking tool, you can easily view opens and clicks, unsubsribers and bounces, see which links were opened, find out whether your readers are PC people or read on the go on their phones.


Finally, one cool feature is to have built in Google Analytics integration.

A/B split testing

This or that? Green call-to-action button or red?


To answer those questions, you can pick a small sample of your campaign receivers and send two different emails. See which one does better and let the winning campaign be sent to the rest of your target audience.

Webforms for your website

Engage with your website audience at any touchpoint by adding webforms to your website or blog, Facebook page, etc, so they could subscribe to your newsletter at any point.


It’s tested to work well with new customers and it’s easy to do. Also, you can customise it to fit your brand identity.

Integration with Google Analytics

If you have a Google Analytics account set up for your website, you can track incoming traffic from email campaigns sent.


It takes seconds to enable the Google Analytics integration from the campaign settings.

Effective personalisation of campaigns

From our 10 years of experience in the field, we can surely tell you that personalised and custom tailored campaigns work up to 10 times better!


Try our personalisation and segmentation tools to better engage with your target audience.

Smaily Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team will provide you with guidance, answer your questions and will help you at any point of the campaign. From email, to skype, to phone and real life meetings, we will make sure that your campaigns are sent out well and possible ideas and questions get answered.

Cloud based solution

Smaily is an entirely cloud based email marketing system. Access it from anywhere, at the office or traveling far away. Using secure log in with Gmail or Facebook etc, we want to make sure that email marketing is as easy as chatting with your friend.

Ready to create your first Smaily campaign?