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Directo integration with Smaily

Add new or updated Directo contacts to Smaily

To create a connection between Directo and Smaily, you can use Integromat as the synchronization link between the two.

You can use Smaily premade template that will make the creation of your scenario much easier. Smaily Directo template is created so, that every time a new contact is created or updated in Directo, Integromat will automatically add that contact to Smaily. Of course, you can always expand and customize the scenario to meet your own individual needs.

To begin integrating go to and create a new account if you already don’t have one.

Creating a connection with your Directo account

After creating the account in Integromat open the Directo template and click on the button “Create new scenario from template”.

Step 1. Create a connection with your Directo account.

  1. Click on the HTTP module.
  2. Insert the request URL (from what URL you want to get data; your Directo URL).
  3. Set method as GET.
  4. In the Query String section press “Add parameter” and add all parameters below.
  5. Add your Directo key (32 digit code) to replace <your-app-key>.

Name: get
Value: 1

Name: what
Value: customer

Name: ts
Value: formatDate(addDays(now ; -1);DD.MM.YYYY) (Add variables under calendar icon)

Name: key
Value: <your-app-key>

Check the Parse response checkbox and then click Continue.

Step 2. In the Iterator (Flow Control) module leave the settings as they are. Click Continue.

Creating a connection with your Smaily account.

Step 3. Create a connection with your Smaily account.

  1. Next to Connection dropdown click “Add”.
  2. New modal will open, where you can add suitable connection name and your Smaily account subdomain, API username and password (How to create API user)
  3. Click “Continue”.
  4. Now the scenario is connected to Smaily and you can start mapping the parameters.

Email has to be mapped as in default settings. Fill it as below:

You can choose additional custom parameters to sync to Smaily when you click on “Add item” and insert field name and value (read more about mapping items). Fill it as below:

When the parameter mapping and Smaily connection set up is done, click “Ok”

Final settings

For break module, use the default settings:

  1. Check “Automatically complete execution”.
  2. Set number of attempts to 3 and interval between attempts to 1.
  3. Click Continue.

NB: Click on the settings icon and check “Allow storing in Incomplete Executions”.

Schedule settings

  1. Click on the clock of the first module.
  2. You can determine the time when the scenario is running.
  3. If settings are scheduled, click OK.

Filter (With email only)

This filter is set to prevent errors that may occur due to the value of the incorrectly entered email field.

  1. Only contacts which have email filled can be synced to Smaily.
  2. Use the same default conditions as set in the template.
  3. Click OK.

Click “Save” icon and turn scheduling to “ON”.  Now your scenario is up and running!

General description of Directo XML data exchange interface: