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Smaily integration for Google Data Studio helps you get the statistics and analyze the results of your marketing campaigns. You can turn data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, share, and customize.


Smaily integration for Google Data Studio helps you:

-Campaign clicks and opens.

-Contacts’ clicks and opens.

-Bounces and response codes.

-Unsubscribers and complaints.

For installation:

  • Go to Google Data Studio and click on “Blank report”
  • Add a new “Build your own” connector. 
  • Add “AKfycbyHih--vgCirc0cKEZBySlu2oNQKg7X_cTmCZdgUkxhnqThJGK7-UUYuoi0YWq3_wNy” to “Test and deploy your own” field and click on “Validate”.
  • Authorize the connection and then add you Smaily API information in the required fields.
  • Create an API credentials in Smaily.
  • Validate your Smaily subdomain, API username and password in Google Data Studio.
  • Select fields you want to synchronize.