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Our company offers competitive social media management services for business of all sizes. Not sure which is the right platform for your niche? We can help. We can create, manage and grow your social media presence by building a plan, tailored to your company.

Our experts will help you

Build your social media presence with our service. Manage all of your social media, from organic postings to targeted ads.

We will act as an extension to your team. You can sit back. We will take over the digital side.

We believe the right strategy plan is the most effective step towards building a successful brand identity in social media, which will lead to a bigger revenue for you.

What can you expect from us?

  • Grow an outstanding social media presence
  • Develop a marketing strategy based on your niche
  • Optimize your social media accounts
  • Plan + Schedule your content
  • Increase your engagement
  • Research trending hashtags in your specific niche
  • Overall growth of your business

What do we do as a service?

  • Cover up to 4 social channels for small and medium businesses
  • Consult our clients privately and work closely with them
  • Plan a concrete strategy for their industry
  • Plan, create and post monthly content for social media channels
  • Monitor and report activity and success
  • Do community management
  • Create, manage and monitor paid advertisement and campaigns across social media channels
  • Develop and maintain influencer marketing

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