Successful and stunning landing with minimal effort

You don’t need to be a design guru to build a page that makes visitors want to explore. Offer them a smooth touch-down with a beautifully designed landing page. And let the beauty bring in the business.


Make the most of your landing page

With landing pages you can promote your products, introduce events, design opt-in forms, set up data collection etc. Use landing pages as small websites, where you can display information you want to redirect from your emails. Or collect contacts on landing, with subscription forms linked to your Smaily account for easy data collection.

With landing pages you can promote your products, introduce events, design opt-in forms, set up data collection etc

Deliver messages

Use your landing page to notify subscribers of upcoming events, amazing deals in your e-store, upselling products or generating leads. A landing page can do much more for you than simply serve as a registration form.

Create amazing designs

Our landing page editor lets you create memorable and eye-catching landing pages to reflect your brand. No coding skills necessary! Select a ready-made template for a fast and beautiful set up.
Be the head designer and choose a blank template to create a landing page from scratch with our drag-and-drop editor. Crop, color, reshape and make it suitable for all devices

newsletter templates are built with the support of responsive/adaptive design | HTML

Fit for all devices

Make sure your amazing design doesn’t get lost between devices. Once all is well on the desktop front, switch to mobile view and guarantee the full beauty of your landing page transfers to the mobile screen as well. Make little adjustments where necessary.

Gain engagement

Use your landing page as a way to engage with the audience. Add a survey to the landing page to get feedback on your products and services. Make the design and questions fun so your subscribers look forward to more landings. Meanwhile you get to gather invaluable insight.

Promote your page

Once you’ve created your landing page, make it THE place to be! Add the page’s URL to your social media posts, emails, advertisements and on a billboard if necessary. We’ll generate your personal URL for free and you can get to sharing!

Include automation to your landing page

Send automatic welcome emails for new subscribers or trigger an automatic workflow, when a person submits their information in a landing page.

To connect a subscription form to an automation, you need a welcome newsletter template, form submitted automation and a subscription form landing page. Never let a subscriber go unnoticed and make each visitor feel welcomed!