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We understand that remembering and navigating through different aspects of email marketing may seem tricky at first. Don’t stress! Sometimes even experienced characters have to recall old tricks and polish their craft.

To make your e-mails shine and all the know-how quickly available – we’ve put together all the guides you need!


E-commerce automation package structure

Being triggered is not always a bad thing! Some specific criteria and conditions trigger an email sequence for very many occasions. The abundance of options is not a burden for you either! Email automation will consequently make your marketing life easier, as a considerable amount of your actions will be automated.

Is it all really so simple?

Yes. Your clients will have well-timed emails, and you’ll have more free time to write your newsletter, post on social media, or take a vacation!

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Email marketing terminology

Have some terms made you scratch your head when reading professional literature? Are you nodding along at the conference but don’t exactly know what kind of “hard bounce” they’re talking about? We’ve summarized all the terminology needed for email marketing in this comprehensive glossary.

In conclusion?

You’ll never have to interrupt immersing in marketing articles by googling keywords and skimming through different pages again.

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The anatomy of an email

An excellent newsletter – the holy grail we strive towards with our work. In this guide, we take a comprehensive look at the entire anatomy of it, from the magic of the subject line to the images that tell a story and purposeful copywriting that seals the deal. You’ll also find fantastic tips and tricks for creating each separate email fragment.

What can we foresee in the future?

Great newsletters to come.

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How to create irresistible newsletters

Here, we view email marketing subjects even beyond the content of the glorious newsletter. We discuss how to start with planning, set smart goals, maintain brand consistency, and with all that – build strong customer relationships.

What’s in it for you?

Well-well, got something to sell? We’ll help you find your voice and make it heard amidst a sea of emails.

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Email marketing pre-deployment checklist

So this is quite simple. We’ve put together a “to-do list” for you. By checking all of the boxes there, you’ll create an awesome newsletter to help you reach your goals.

What will your additional tasks be?

After checking each box? Learning how to analyze statistics of growing engagement and sales.

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Let us make you Smaily

If you’re still pondering who we are and what we do, then this is the presentation for you! Here we briefly summarize our success story for you, reveal exciting statistics, and show you our unique advantages. Check out how we can help you by making you Smaily!

What should you read after this?

You can also read the other manuals, but our comprehensively helpful customer support wants to hear from you even before that!

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