Boost productivity with apps

Apps are the perfect way to lose some of your workload while managing email marketing

For example, you can synchronize your contacts from your CRM to Smaily. Or send order confirmation letters. Choose from the many apps to connect other tools to Smaily and save time from synchronizing data.

The apps are free for you until the end of May!

Sync contacts

Have a e-shop or CRM? Perfect, there is no longer a need to copy the client’s data to Smaily, everything will be done automatically.  Additionally, send all sorts of parameters along with the email address and use it for segmentation or personisation. All you need to do is send beautiful emails to them.

Send triggered emails

Set up automatic emails once your client does a certain action (pays invoice, moves up in sales funnel, makes a purchase etc). There are plenty of automated fields (name, contract nr, purchased item) to be used in the email. it allows you to contact your clients at the right time with the right message.

Fully automated email flow for e-shops

Set up an abandoned cart, order confirmation, shipping, status update, and other emails in Smaily and let the app take care of the rest. We will make sure your clients will get the full shopping experience.

Export info

For CRM-s, you can now export contact info and events back to the CRM system. For example, you can see in the CRM if the contact opened your email or clicked on a link in it. It makes it easy for the sales team to see which contacts are warm and responsive to emails. You can also export statistics to analyze email numbers together with other KPIs.

Most popular

Tens and tens of apps integrated already and many more on the way! Click on the app to read more about it.

Brand new

We never stop growing! New apps are coming out all the time. Click on the app to read more about it.


You have lots of data in your CRM  (Woocommerce, Shopify, etc) about who bought your products and who abandoned the cart. All this data can and should be used to create meaningful and valuable emails to your clients. Send them news about the products they have previously purchased, information about the purchase (shipping info, etc.), the product being back in stock, etc.


Use Customer management or project management tools (Pipedrive, Scoro, etc) to keep track of your projects. At the same time, you can automate the customer service process and use emails to send notifications about the project to the clients, for example, to let the client know that the design is ready for being reviewed.


Adding new accounts to your CMS is easy when all the invitations are sent out beautifully and nicely. With an app, you can trigger emails on any action a user takes on your CMS.

Accounting, ERP

Send invoices automatically! No need to send those one by one. Schedule an automatic task so that all active clients will get an invoice to their mailbox on your preferred day.


Google Forms, Google Sheets, SurveyMonkey, etc., are great user survey tools. Sometimes there is a need to also use the collected data in emails. No problem, sync data with Smaily and upload all crucial data to the recipients’ list. You can also schedule emails (like invitations) to existing recipients.


SMS is an excellent addition to emails; combining them is a great strategy. Either send an email first and ask via SMS if the email was received or vice versa. Or send SMS to VIP clients and emails to others – use your imagination!


There are more critical numbers in your business than just open rates, click rates, and sales. And there are powerful tools to analyze all your data about your company and customers, such as QlikView, Microsoft Power BI, etc. It is now effortless to add all emailing statistics to the analytics tool and let it do the magic!


Sometimes, all you need is to start fresh. Importing data from another emailing platform is a piece of cake with the right tool! 1-2-3, and all your info is on Smaily; start sending all the beautiful emails!

Email verification

Bouncer, ZeroBounce, and other tools are excellent ways to clean your list from bouncing emails. After the cleaning process, use the app to upload clean contacts to Smaily!

Social media

Creating custom audiences or Lead ads is easy when all you need to know is who to show them to. Email marketing is not a stand-alone ad type; mix it up with Social media!

Status update

Send notifications to co-workers about project changes so that everyone is in the same information circle.

Other plugins and integrations

Plugins and integrations that you can install on your website can be found here. They might have less functionalities than apps, but maybe that is all you need!