Transactional emails: hit inbox with high impact

Meet the platform where efficiency meets reliability

Smaily Transactional is crafted for seamless collaboration, enabling both developers and marketers to create and manage transactional emails with ease. From critical system alerts to order confirmations and invoices, our service ensures every important email not only reaches its destination but makes a lasting impression. With Smaily, you get the perfect combination of intuitive design, robust delivery infrastructure, and GDPR compliance, ensuring your transactional emails are a powerful extension of your brand.

Why use transactional emails

The best deliverability

These emails are not marketing campaigns. Transactional emails are sent from different IP-s than marketing campaigns. Also, transactional emails have higher open rates, and therefore the deliverability is much higher.

Easy contact and data management

Transactional emails have a totally different interface. With the API option, you can add, modify and delete any information very easily.

Manage templates
like a pro

Marketers can add, edit or delete templates in a heartbeat and easily see the preview. All system tags can be added and changed inside the template without assistance from a developer.

Keep an eye on statistics

Open rates and click rates need to be monitored for transactional emails as well. All statistics can be enabled from the interface without extra charges. Additionally, all statistics can quickly be sent back to other systems via API.

For developers

For the lucky developers who need to make all the magic happen – here are the tutorials on setting up API or using SMTP.

SMTP availability –
use the infrastructure even without API

Coded by developers for developers

Read the API documents

What are transactional emails?

For e-commerce

It is easy for online shops to exceed the expectations of their users by letting the customer know about each step in the purchase process. Send order confirmation, shipment updates, and stock notifications about the item being back in the store precisely at the right moment. Now you can send timely and essential emails to your customer via Smaily SMTP!

Action-based emails

This is basically an email in response to a certain activity. For example, you can send a notification email to the office manager each time someone enters your office during weekends. Or if a customer has updated a pricing plan for your service, they will receive an automatic notification with all the needed details about the change.

Confirmation emails

You can also use this type of email to send any kind of confirmation code that transactions between you and your customer would require. For example, once a new user creates an account, they will receive a request to confirm their email address. Or use the confirmation code to verify any other special activity committed under their account.

Automatic invoices

Integrate transactional emails with your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and you can forget sending invoices one by one. Instead, the system will take all necessary information from your ERP and send them out automatically.

Delayed automatic emails

Send notifications about unpaid invoices or warnings about closing an account in 10 days – anything that you need to automate is possible!