Smaily certified partners

How to become a certified partner

Email marketing is one essential and strategic part of the whole marketing package. Therefore, Smaily does not just help you send emails; we also teach our partners how to be responsible marketers and send the most efficient email campaigns.

If you want to become an official reseller of the Smaily platform and use all the benefits, you need to finish our certified partner program. Or, if you are looking for a partner guaranteed to know all the tools that Smaily offers, check the partners’ list below.


All of our partners have have learned

Manage contacts

Create templates in the editor

Create landing pages in the builder

Create automation workflows

Send campaigns

Read and analyze the statistics

Want to become a certified partner?

Earn payback from all your customers! Once you bring a new client to Smaily, you start earning 30% of their invoice for the next two years. For example, if the new client is billed 100 eur per month, you will get a payback of 30 eur. Once the client’s monthly invoice increases to 150, you will be paid 45 eur. To activate the commission system, please contact us to sign a contract.

Just let us know how and when you’d like to receive your commissions, and we’ll make it happen. You can take out the payback either once a month or yearly. Your choice!

We’ll help you set up your account, import all of your contacts, create ready-to-use email templates, and give you thorough training so you can get into the swing of things.

A support team ready to help you and your customers out at any time in whichever way you need. You’ll never be “just another partner” for Smaily. With us, you’ll experience what an exceptionally client-based approach really means.

You’ll get all the marketing materials, so you don’t have to become a marketing expert to make a sale.

* Smaily’s certified partner program is connected to monthly packages.
Partners earn commission only if their customers sign up for a monthly payment plan with Smaily.

How does the partner program work?

Integrate Smaily with your product or service and allow your customers to enjoy the most easy-to-use email marketing platform.

  • An award-winning drag and drop template editor
  • All the automations and integrations they could need
  • A truly committed customer support
  • Game-changing creative advantages like adding custom HTML
  • and much more!

Certified partner program

Our certified partner program will teach you everything you need to know to be able to manage Smaily like a pro. You will be confident to use Smaily for yourself and your clients and get the most out of email marketing.

The program is entirely online and without any time limitations. Just watch the videos at your own pace.
We also suggest trying everything out yourself; just use the free account.

Overview of the program

Platform overview

You will be shown around the platform and get to know the overall logic of how Smaily works.

Contact management

Learn how to upload new contacts and add parameters (tags) to them. Also, create segments based on recent activities and/or parameters (tags).

Template editor

Start building your template from scratch or use one of many ready-made templates to create beautiful, responsive templates that work on every device.

Landing page builder

You will learn to create landing pages with different forms that automatically add data to your contact list. Landing pages are the easiest way to collect new subscribers to your mailing list!

Automation workflows

Abandoned cart emails, welcome series, automatic notifications, and all other types of automation you might need – learn how to set them up.

Campaigns and statistics

Learn to send single campaigns, choose the correct audience, set up delays, etc. Also, how to read the statistics of the campaign.

How do I get started?

Just fill in the form and leave the heavy lifting to us! We’ll get in touch to set up your reseller account. Once that’s done, you’ll get all the information you need to access it at any time.

Fill in the form

Become a partner

Get a training

Bring a new customer

Get paid

Provide your details and we’ll get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. As mentioned, we do have great customer support, after all.