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How to resend a campaign?

Why should one resend campaigns?

While we as marketers try to send emails to recipients at the most convenient time for them then it does not always work out. Maybe the email got lost among others or it was just inconvenient timing and now it is buried under some other emails… And the best thing to do is to resend the email.

There are some rules about resending campaigns though:
Do not send the campaign again to the whole list. People who already opened the email and clicked on the CTA are probably not going to do it again. Even more, they might even unsubscribe or report the email as spam.

Wait a few days before resending the campaign – although most openings happen during the first day after sending the campaign, there are a lot of people opening emails 2-3 days later as well.

Ps, a TIP for resending the campaign: try a new subject line. Resending email is like getting a new chance to test a subject line!

How to resend a campaign?

Resending a campaign takes a few steps in Smaily:

  1. Go to the campaigns tab and open the campaign you wish to resend.
  2. Open the “opened” tab and scroll down to the page end.
  3. You can choose to export openers or non-openers. Export “Not opened”.
  4. A .csv file will be downloaded. Open it in Excel or another similar program.
  5. Correct the file – change column header “Mail to” to “email”. Remove any empty rows between the emails, if there are any.
  6. If you wish to resend the email right away, just import the file with non-openers and create a new filter when importing the contacts.
  7. After importing the contacts, go back to the campaigns tab and create a duplicate of the campaign you want to resend.
  8. You can continue through the first two steps, but on the third step make sure that you select the new segment of contacts (non-openers).
  9. Launch the campaign.