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Smaily for Magento 2


1. You can get Smaily E-Commerce extension for Magento 2.0+ from Magento marketplace or download it from our GitHub repository.

2. To install our extension follow the Magento extension installing guide.

Connecting to your Smaily account

To start using Smaily extension navigate to Stores -> Configuration section. On the configuration page, find Smaily Email Marketing and Automation tab, then click on Module Configuration.

On module configuration page enter your Smaily API credentials – subdomain (1), username (2), and password (3). Please follow our guide on creating your API account in Smaily. Make sure to click Save Config to validate the connection.

Newsletter subscription form

This feature allows you to collect Magento Newsletter Subscribers directly to Your Smaily account using Magento’s built-in Newsletter Subscription Form.

Note! Enabling the Newsletter Subscription Form feature will disable Magento’s subscriber welcome and unsubscribe confirmation email sending.

We recommend enabling CAPTCHA to prevent bots from polluting your Newsletter Subscribers list. Both Magento’s text-based CAPTCHA and Google reCAPTCHA are supported.

Subscribers synchronization

This feature allows you to synchronize your Magento Newsletter Subscribers to Smaily. It runs as a recurring CRON job, which requires the Magento CRON to be configured.

Subscribers Synchronization can be fine-tuned to suit your needs by synchronizing additional personalization fields (Subscription Type, Customer Group, Customer ID, Prefix, First name, Last name, Gender and Date Of Birth). Select fields you wish to synchronize along with subscription data. Subscriber Email and Name fields are automatically synchronized. NB! Only newsletter subscribers will be synced, not customers.

The synchronization frequency can be adjusted. Available values are: every 4 hours, twice a day, every day and once a week.

Subscribers Synchronization can be configured (per website) to start synchronizing subscribers from specific date or reset to execute full synchronization.

Abandoned cart emails

This feature enables you to send Abandoned Cart reminder emails to (logged in) customers who have added products to shopping cart, but haven’t finished checking out.

Abandoned Cart reminder emails can be fine-tuned to suit your business needs by adjusting the time after the cart is considered abandoned, or including additional parameters to personalize the Abandoned Cart email.

You need to create “form submitted” automation workflow in Smaily prior to activating this feature. You can follow our abandoned cart automation workflow manual.

After creating automation workflow in Smaily you can find this automation under Autoresponder ID in plugin settings.

You can choose the timing when cart is considered abandoned form 20 minutes up to 12 hours.

RSS feed

Product RSS-feed allows you to effortlessly import up to 50 latest products to Smaily template. You can customize generated RSS feed based on product categories and limit generated RSS feed products amount with preferred value. See more in our GitHub and learn more about RSS feed here.

You can access RSS feed by visiting url store_url/smaily/rss/feed and you can add parameters (category and limit) by appending them to url separated with slashes. For example store_url/smaily/rss/feed/category/bikes/limit/10. Regular RSS-feed shows 50 last products.

For more information visit Smaily Github or contact us at