ONE, TWO, Wooh…is the time you have to win the customer’s attention!

Kirjukoer is a small social media agency that is focused to help small businesses to captivate a potential customer, grab people’s attention, maintain relationships with long-term customers and keep them for as long as possible

How are you doing? Do the messages reach the customer?


That’s why we are here, to keep your marketing iron hot, helping you to grab the customer’s attention and keep it as long as possible. Today, there are more ways than ever to connect with customers. There’s email, social media, mobile, meetings, blogs, copywriting, focus groups. The list goes on. Kirjukoer helps you to find the most effective way together with a decent strategy.

We can help you in:

  • Copywriting – we help to strategically deliver words that get people to take action.
  • Newsletters (copy + design) – we help to share relevant and valuable information with their network of customers, prospects and subscribers.
  • Blog posts – we help to write articles for the purpose of showing thought leadership and expertise on a topic. They are a great way to generate fresh content.
  • Landing pages (copy + design) – we help to create landing pages, what is a great way to drive traffic, improve your SEO and build your brand.
  • Product copy- we help to write product/service copy that works well with the product/service and brand, and appeals to the target audience.
  • Social media content – we help with the involvement of social media, which makes it easier for customers to find your company and to communicate with it.

Brand we have worked with:

  • Cannery (social media content, newsletter, blog posts, webpage improvement)
  • Metrosert (social media content, newsletter, blog posts, landing pages, webpage improvement)
  • Elbe (social media content, newsletter, webpage improvement)
  • Rulo (strategy, social media content, product copywriting, blog posts)
  • Eco Oil (social media content, product copy, copywriting, blog posts, webpage improvement)
  • Sakala Hambaravi (social media content, articles, blog posts, copywriting)

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