Onte Digital


We are Onte Digital, an ambitious bunch of marketing and growth specialists looking to add profit to your business. We’ve seen too many businesses struggle with growth due to profitability. Our work focuses on profits first and scaling your success later.

Guaranteed results: we’ll deliver customers more profitably in the first 3 months or we work for free.

The money side

Our services cost £ 2,500 per month and we start with a 3-month contract. After three months, we’ll switch to a rolling contract that’s flexible. If we’re not successful in the first 3 months, we’ll refund you the entire £ 7,500.

We work with businesses that have a minimum marketing budget of around £ 10,000 per month. We don’t normally work with smaller budgets because our pricing would not make financial sense for these businesses.

What we actually do

  • Get you more clients.
  • Make your client acquisition more profitable.
  • Help make your business more profitable.
  • Automate systems to optimise your workforce and add speed to your processes.

We don’t just do marketing, but we look at your entire customer acquisition funnel as a whole. We then identify bottlenecks in this process, and work to eliminate them.

Our focus is on profitable results, not pretty metrics.

The platforms we use are

  • We’re banging good with Smaily.
  • Google products (Google Ads, Tag Manager, GA4, Merchant Centre etc.).
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok).
  • Data tracking and attribution.
  • Conversion rate optimisation.
  • SEO work.
  • Content marketing (graphics, video, copywriting).
  • CRM systems and sales funnels.
  • UX/UI tracking.

Leeds, United Kingdom; Tartu, Estonia

English, Estonian


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