We have an extensive marketplace that connects brands with over 100,000 media outlets across 198 countries, enabling them to purchase article placements without hiring processes or long-term commitments.

What are we doing?

1. Increasing brand awareness and managing reputation. Posting regular branded content on high-traffic, reputable sites can help readers become familiar with your brand and increase social proof. Articles are featured in Google News and quickly indexed by search engines, making them more likely to appear at the top of search results.

2. Digital PR through building backlinks to your website. Many news sites link to the websites of the people or companies featured in their stories, and these links are visible to search engines. This helps to build a network of links and increase the search engine ranking of your site. These links are more effective than links on forums, social media posts, or paid links on low-quality websites.

3. Driving traffic to your website. Published articles can attract users to your site who are already interested and engaged. Since many websites publish articles indefinitely, you can continuously generate traffic. This is more cost-effective than pay-per-click (PPC) ads that stop driving traffic as soon as you pause the campaign or run out of funds.

Benefits Of PRNEWS.IO:

1. The largest media catalog – has 102k publications in 197 countries in 77 languages.
2. Easy-to-use interface. Buying a branded article is no more difficult than buying a microwave oven from Amazon.
3. Full control over what will be published.
4. Postponed publications. The “Embargo” function allows you to delay the launch of the material until the specified time.
5. Payment logistics and work with one counterparty instead of a dozen (the accountant will thank you!).
6. The ability to follow the publication: the number of views of each material, the history of orders. An already published article can be further advertised.
7. Unique viewers estimator. Allows you to predict the expected number of article views.
8. Income for webmasters. If you are a publisher of a news site, you can offer advertising space and accept orders for press releases, news, and promotional posts.

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