20 years of experience. 2000 events.

Recognized and experienced event organizer in the Estonian market.

WOW Events team is specialized in creating events and idea solutions on the basis of the client’s desires and business specificity. We think that a good event is like a tailor-made suit, where the wishes of the client and the skills of the performer meet.

We always emphasize that companies do not organize events for a party, but every event must have a purpose – be it creating a relaxed space for communication with key customers, introducing a product or activity and creating proximity, or joining an organization as a team.

Internal communication

Let’s create a team! It is good for the atmosphere to thank the crew for contributing to the company’s development. Various motivational events are like non-monetary means of motivation to contribute to a team’s happiness.

Customer events

Take part in an event yourself! Enjoy your corporate party, because we organize your company’s birthday, the opening of a new building, a thank you event – turn a customer event into your company’s marketing event and hit two birds with one stone.


A conference is a form of customer event where you can strengthen ties with both domestic and foreign partners in a businesslike atmosphere. We will organize a conference that will make both you and your guests shine!

Large events

Large events such as a festival, fair, concert, etc. offer different emotions and experiences for many people at the same time. We also manage media and advertising so that the message reaches its target audience.

Hybrid Events

In today’s world, this format is suitable for organizations that want to bring people together in a more exciting format than regular video conferencing. It is an ideal event format because it is economical, fast and allows people to be involved regardless of their geographical location.

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