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Meet Smaily. An intentionally simple
tool for email marketing and automation.

It is so simple!

Smaily is really good at sending beautiful newsletters and building simple marketing automation workflows.

Just send the email on its way and kick back. Check out how easy it is:

Building customizable designs is a piece of cake with our award-winning drag and drop editor. It is intuitive and user friendly. Oh, and you can’t break anything! Your creation works on every screen- desktop or mobile.

Need more?

Don’t worry! We’ll give you all the integrations you could ever need. A whole 1000+ of them.

We believe that something that’s great for everything is not actually good for anything.

Smaily is great for sending beautiful newsletters. We’ll cover the rest of your needs with our integrations (CRMs, accounting software, e-stores, CMS-s etc.). You don’t have to change any of your tools for that!

Check out our apps and integrations

FYI, we are the only ESP offering 24/7 priority support.

Contact us via live-chat, email, helpdesk, Skype, phone or come see us face-to-face! We are real people, not a bot behind an anonymous web form.

We are not just an ESP, but a flexible email marketing agency. We’ll be your dedicated and skilled technical partner to help boost your advertising / PR / IT / social media .


Smaily is GDPR and CASL compliant.

As a cherry on top, it’s up to 50% cheaper!

Our special offer for start-ups and SMEs:

Create your account today, drop us a line and we’ll give you:

  • Free access to 1 video tutorial!
  • First tailored newsletter template for free!
  • Assistance to set everything up and provide technical support to build API integrations.
Up to 2 000 subscribers FREE 12 000 emails free  –
Up to 2 500 subscribers 19 € 27€ 32%
Up to 12 000 subscribers 73 € 113€ 35%
Up to 100 000 subscribers 356 € 430€ 17%
Up to 300 000 subscribers 768 € 1,177€ 35%
Up to 500 000 subscribers 1080 € 1,902€ 43%
Additional features (PRO) 21.96 € 178€ 100%

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