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9 Writing Tools to Build a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Building a successful email marketing campaign is not an easy job. From brainstorming, research, or making educated guesses about your audience and their needs to plan, compile the email, and finally hit that send button, there is a long and often costly journey to undertake. Suppose you have ever wondered how to create an email marketing campaign or how much does an email marketing campaign cost. In that case, you know exactly how difficult it can be to develop a simple, cost-effective solution that your audience will like. Luckily, there are many writing tools to build a successful email marketing campaign that make this job easier and faster.

1.   Evernote

A lot of marketing is done by sudden bursts of inspiration and creativity, definitely more than classic brainstorming. Evernote is a praised solution for capturing those sudden bursts of creativity and storing your ideas. Whenever you have a sudden burst of inspiration, pull the app out, make a voice recording, take a picture, take a screenshot, or simply save an entire web page. Add your notes and comments for a reminder later on. If you wish to do so, you can also sync your devices so that the ideas recorded during the commute wait ready on your home computer as soon as you return. Furthermore, you can choose to share these same ideas with your colleagues and have the entire team work on developing what could be the best email marketing campaign you’ve had so far.

2.   Google Keyword Planner

There is no good marketing campaign of any kind without your Google Keyword Planner. Proper keyword planning will make sure that people get to see your ad exactly when they search for a term or a phrase that has to do with your business. It is a wrong idea that keywords only work on Google and other search engines. Rather, separate sets of keywords are often applicable to Google, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube. Doing proper research into the keywords that your audience uses and then implementing them in the body of the email will draw your audience’s attention and increase your conversion rate.

3.   Hemingway Editor

Keyword stuffing the emails for your email marketing campaign may not be the best thing there is. It does not guarantee a higher ranking on Google, it does not make for a happy reader, and it may even reduce your conversion rate. So why bother? Use all the keywords you want, but use them with moderation. People like short, easy-to-read articles and blog posts that are highly readable. Use the Hemingway editor to make your sentences straightforward. This was the secret ingredient of Hemingway’s success.

4.   Quetext

With over 1.7 billion web pages out there, staying original and unique is getting more difficult by the day. What you read today shapes your thoughts tomorrow, so make sure that none of those thoughts accidentally end up in an email. Once a customer notices that you’ve copied content from another webpage, your customer becomes a lost customer. Quetext allows you to upload your text sample or the final text of your email and what this online service does is that it compares your copy, individual sentences, and phrases to online content in search for any matching results. If none are found, you’re good to go and 100% unique. Congratulations.

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5. Just Not Sorry

Has it ever happened to you that you could not find the right words to put your thoughts into? Has it ever happened to you that you miscommunicate or use a word or a phrase that sets off the atmosphere of the entire text you’ve written? If this happens to you too, then Just Not Sorry is a great solution for you. It is a Chrome extension which analyses your text as you type. It gives you suggestions based on how your email will be perceived and what kind of impression will you as a person leave on others. This way, you can better understand how to sound more authoritative, persuasive, and knowledgeable.

If you are stuck and simply do not know where to begin, you can contact this writing service. They do their research and are generally a great deal for the prices they ask for. However, understanding your idea is the key to writing a great email for your email writing strategy, so do not expect to see amazing results by simply clicking on the ORDER button. Rather, be prepared to do some planning and answer a few questions.

7. Vero

The age of Arabian Princes who need a few thousand dollars to claim their inheritance and then send you some money back is long gone. The one-mold-does-it-all approach in emailing does not work anymore. This approach gave great results until the early 2000s, but things started happening, and the market was oversaturated. A very useful button named SPAM appeared, and the fairy tale was over. 

You should be mindful of your customers. Not all of them want to see the same copy of an email, and not all of them are looking for the same approach, although the final product or service they request may be the same. If you do not feel convinced, read 50 stats showing the power of personalization and then revise your email marketing campaign strategy.

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8. Grammarly

Even the best email needs some revision. There has recently been a trend on the rise on social networks, where people purposefully misspell a word or two in hopes of viewers and readers making a comment about the alleged mistake and confusing the algorithms into thinking the post or the video are more interesting to the audience than they are. Unfortunately, the same does not work for email marketing. With email marketing campaigns, and especially with cold-email campaigning, you want to sound as professional as you possibly can. Grammarly scans any text you type, including text boxes online, and searches for any mistakes you may have made. Once they are found, it is a matter of a few clicks to correct them all.

Last but not least, having a chance to interact with like-minded people and immerse yourself in the world of online marketing tools, tips and tricks can be an irreplaceable experience for you. You should know that this kind of knowledge, the one that you build over many years and through a lot of experience, is cumulative and is sure to be returned manifold over the years. Smaily Blog is a small treasury of blog posts concerned with email marketing and different strategies that you can use to increase your conversion rate and your email marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

There is a myriad of tools out there that can help you do that exactly. Each outlined app focuses on a different part of an email marketing campaign and saves you time and effort. A successful marketing campaign should be measured not by exposure, but rather by the number of conversions. Draw your conclusions from whichever set of data on your audience that you can, and then use that same data to develop a perfect marketing campaign and a great conversion rate. 

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at Writeload with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.