Best email marketing tool for Magento – Smaily!

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Hmm… Looks like we’re both connected to email marketing!

Yep – you got it. We’re connected already! We, as an email marketing platform and agency and you, as an email marketing user or agency. Fact is, you’ve landed here because you’re looking for something to fill your Magento email marketing needs.

And here’s the fun part – we’ve got you covered! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new email marketing tool or you’d like to replace your current one – Smaily is the answer and we’re eager to prove it to you.

Why pick Smaily over other email marketing tools for Magento?

No rocket science here! 

Smaily is hands down the most personalizable email marketing tool you’ll ever find. Sure, one-size-fits-all solutions are easy to set up, but do they really fit anyone? We are focused on giving each and every customer exactly the email marketing solution they need.

That´s why everything at Smaily is easy to use and built with the idea of personalization in mind. 


Set up unique automations for your Magento store with less than minute!


Add unlimited tags to your contact list to segment your subscribers with ease.


So much more!

Benefits of using Smaily email marketing tools for Magento store

Get to know your customers

Lack of knowledge is lack of power and this sure applies to knowing your customers. With Smaily you can create eye-catching landing pages for your Magento marketing campaigns and learn more about your customers preferences. With the unlimited tags you can add to each subscriber, you can segment your subscribers in a way which helps to increase your customer base for the next campaign instead of minimizing it.

best email marketing tool for Magento 2

Potential to increase revenue

By knowing your customers, you can segment them more efficiently and personalize your Magento marketing campaigns to fit their interests. Set up campaigns to make them click those CTA buttons in your newsletter and buy the products they’re truly interested in.

No revenue left in the abandoned carts

It´s so easy to set up Smaily abandoned cart automation for your Magento store. You can use our ready-to-go template for abandoned cart emails, which includes all the products they’ve left behind with amounts and prices.

Want to get crafty? Use our award-winning drag and drop editor to build your own templates!

Email marketing tool for Magento 2
increase the traffic on your Magento 2

Keep ’em coming back!

With detailed segmentations for campaigns, personalized emails, abandoned cart automations, birthday discount automations etc., you can increase the traffic on your Magento site without trading quality for quantity. 

personalize your Magento 2 marketing campaigns

Need help with setting up your Smaily account or integrating with your Magento store? Let us know and our technical support would be happy to help!