Make email marketing the only marketing you need

Our email marketing software delivers both your emails and results. With our tools you’ll soon be tracking the increase in opens, clicks, sales and smiles.


Endless options

Email marketing does not just mean sending out a pretty email to your subscribers and calling it a day. Use email marketing to send out automated emails, newsletters, autoresponders and anything to peek your subscribers’ interest. Make them feel special. Congratulate your contacts on their birthdays and why not throw in a discount code for those boots they had their eye on at your e-store.

Design like a pro

Create beautiful and professional emails to brighten your contacts’ day and convert the smiles into business. Make your email design dreams a reality with our drag-and-drop editor or use one of the templates you’ve already created for a quick set up.s May your emails represent your brand and drop some jaws.

Make it personal

Make your contacts feel special, by giving the emails a personal touch. Why not call the receiver by their name or approach a company from a personalized angle. Make your emails come alive by adding symbols to your newsletter. Enjoy the success from personalized campaigns! No one wants to feel like a dime in a dozen, so make your contacts feel like one in a million!

Successful segmentation

There’s no point in selling snow to Eskimos. Know your subscribers and send them the emails they’d actually benefit from. Our subscriber management tool allows you to import contacts and sort them out in a way that you find the most suitable. Guarantee higher engagement rates through highly-targeted recipient groups.

It’s best to test

Not everyone succeeds at their first performance. It might take some testing to figure out the best way to approach your contacts. Pick your winning message with the help of A/B testing. Send a number of different emails to find the best fit for your goals and contacts. Test the content, subject line, design or anything to give you a better insight into your subscribers’ minds.

Analyze and strategize | AB-testing
view opens and clicks, track unsubscribes and bounces | email tracing statistics

Analyze and strategize

Did you really outrun Usain Bolt if no one was there to measure your speed? The most crucial part of any campaign is tracking the statistics. Our tracking tool will allow you to view opens and clicks, track unsubscribes and bounces. Analyze your results to make each new campaign a record one. Add tags to help you sort and find your campaigns easily.

If you want to take things further, you can even have a built in Google Analytics integration for a detailed overview!

Master contact management

Import contacts with little effort to your emailing list from files, Mailchimp, Gmail or Outlook. Add contacts to existing lists and use filters to sort out the subscribers. Easily export your entire subscriber list or remove contacts when necessary. Manage your contacts by editing and updating data or delete fields you don’t need. Don’t forget to add the birthday field to your contacts for that special birthday reminder.

Import contacts with little effort to your emailing list