Get things done- automatically

Map out your dream customer journey and start the adventure with marketing automation.


Care about your customers

Create automated workflows that make your subscribers feel special with minimal effort! Modify subscriber data based on their activities, recurring events or actions and send automated newsletters and confirmation messages. Never let a subscriber go unwelcomed or without a birthday greeting!

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation means that some parts in your workflow have been automated. Sending emails and text messages, welcome messages and birthday greetings could easily be done automatically. With the help of software tools, you can set up criteria and conditions to trigger the actions, which should be automated.

email marketing automation | Create automated workflows

Automations for everyone

The times, when marketing automation was just for big companies with even bigger budgets, is over! With advanced technology, marketing automation has become accessible to everyone. No matter the size, your time is too valuable to waste it on things that could be done automatically. It’s time to embrace automation and why not start with email marketing!

Deliver transactional emails

Guarantee the delivery of important information to your customers by opting for transactional emails. Set up triggers and send out order confirmations, invoices, password reset emails etc. from unique and reputable IP-addresses. Remember – transactional emails are not promotional so save your sales pitch for the marketing emails.

Beautiful automations

Smaily offers you the possibility to automate the build of your email templates. With our award-winning drag and drop template editor, you can easily build amazing mobile responsive emails to win over your subscribers. Just because it’s easy to send, doesn’t mean your email can’t look like you’ve spent days creating it.

Keep it simple

Start off small with the easiest of automations. Make sure each and every one of your subscribers feels welcome, with a beautiful welcome email. Automations allow you to send welcome emails as soon as a new contact submits their information. Set up automations to make your subscribers feel special on their birthday. A little personal greeting can go a long way!

Set up automations to make your subscribers feel special on their birthday |
Build your own automation workflow |

Make it your own

Build your own automation workflow with our drag-and-drop editor. Customize the customer journey to fit each individual. React automatically to your subscribers’ behaviour to make the most of your leads. Add as many emails and SMS messages to your automated workflows as your heart desires. Guide each contact on their personal path to your product.

No carts abandoned

Automated email marketing is an online store owner’s best friend. You don’t have to be a surveillance pro to keep track of all your clients’ shopping carts. Set up an automated workflow and make sure your customers are notified of their abandoned shopping carts. No abandonment issues here!

trigger workflow on form submit | Set up an automated workflow

Why automate?

Saved time is the biggest benefit of email marketing automation. You’ll also reduce the potential for errors. Email marketing automation will let you send more personal, relevant, and timely email campaigns. Automation can generate leads and help you with customer acquisition. This will surely lead to an increase in revenue.