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Delivery response codes

SMTP response code
0 No emails have been sent to the subscriber yet.
200 Delivery successful.
4xx or 5xx SMTP status codes.
1001 Subscriber unsubscribed in the latest campaign.
1002 Subscriber reported the latest campaign as spam. Is automatically unsubscribed.

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ok Message has been successfully delivered.
bad-content Message has been identified by the receiving email server as SPAM. Determined by the content or sender of the message.
bad-relay Recipient mail server temporary error, misconfiguration or the server is undergoing maintenance.
blocked Delivery has been denied from Smaily (or any service).
client-error Smaily misconfiguration or error denying message delivery.
expired Message delivery has taken more than the maximum amount (2 days) of time.
mailbox-disabled Message recipient's mailbox is disabled or inactive.
mailbox-full Message recipient's mailbox is full.
mailbox-unknown Message recipient's mailbox does not exist.
rate-limit Hourly/daily sending limits exceeded.
signature-error Incorrectly configured SPF or invalid DKIM signature.
temp-error Temporary delivery error.
unknown Message status unknown.