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Changing contact’s preferred language via link click

Sometimes it is easier to collect only email addresses and not overwhelm subscribers with many required fields that need to be filled while subscribing to your newsletter. The need for segmentation or newsletters in different languages might come later. One option is to send out a request to fill out a form with extra information. Another option is to make changes based on their behaviour.

Example below is a use case, where the main newsletter will be sent out in Estonian, but there is a need to create a new newsletter for Russian speaking subscribers.

Preparing the template

  1. Create the main newsletter template (in Estonian), that you wish to send out to your subscribers.
  2. Add “Хочу в дальнейшем получать рассылку на русском языке.” (I wish to receive newsletters in Russian) to your newsletter header or any other visible part. Save template.
  3. Create another template, which will act as the landing page. This template will be shown after someone wishes to receive the newsletter in Russian.
  4. Second template can be simple in design, but should have written something similar to this: “Большое спасибо! В дальнейшем Вы будете получать электронные новостные письма на русском языке.” (Thank you! In the future, you will receive newsletters in Russian!). Save the template.
  5. Open the second template preview in a new tab and copy the URL.
  6. Open the main template and add the preview link for the text written in Russian. Save the template.
  7. If you open the main template preview in a new tab, you can click on the link, to see if the second template is shown.

More detailed instructions on how to link one template to another can be found here.

Creating the automation workflow

  1. Go to the automations tab and create a new automation workflow.
  2. Add name to your workflow and choose “Link click” as the trigger.
  3. For the next element choose filter by “URL”.
  4. Add the preview link of the second template in the empty field.
  5. Add “Modify data” as the next element.
  6. Choose a previously existing language parameter for the field. This can be “language”, “lang”, “newsletter” or any other pre-existing parameter that you used for your contacts.
  7. Add a new value in the empty field. This will determine the language or the newsletter type. For example add “RUS”, “russian” etc.
  8. Save and start the automation workflow.

Parameters and values used to segment contacts are entirely defined by the account users. Try to use the same parameters and values that are already used in the account.

You can test this solution by sending out a test campaign to yourself. Click on the link and check in the account if the value of the language parameter has changed.