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Calendar invite buttons in templates

Calendar buttons in templates are an easy way to add some extra value to your event invitations or reminders. They help your clients remember that an important event is coming.

Example using Eventable:

  1. Create a new account or log in at
  2. Find the “Create event” button and click on it.
  3. Add your event name in the “Title” field.
  4. Choose the event beginning and ending time. Make sure to choose the correct timezone.
  5. Other fields can be left empty.
  6. Click on “Create event” and then “Share event”.
  7. Choose button style, color and which buttons to show, under the “Customize style” button.
  8. Then click on “Copy” to copy the code.
  9. Open your Smaily newsletter template you wish to add the buttons to.
  10. Add an HTML element to the template.
  11. Click on the pencil button on the HTML element.
  12. Copy and paste the code in the HTML editor and click on “OK”.
  13. Save your template and test it.

Another service to create calendar invite buttons is