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Adding SPF and DKIM records to domains


SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email verification technique, which lets the owner of the domain control who has the right to send emails under a specific domain name. 

DKIM ( DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an email verification technique which guarantees that the subject, content and recipient address of the email have not been changed during the sending process. 

If SPF and DKIM records have been set up correctly, they give the receiving email server a signal that the email being sent is an authentic email and comes from a credible source. This helps improve the reputation of the domain and may also improve the delivery rate of emails sent from that domain.

Adding SPF records

  1. In case there is no SPF record on the Domain name server administration page, add a new record:
    Record: (leave empty)
    Type: TXT
    Value: v=spf1 a mx ~all
  2. If the SPF record is already there, then the following addition must be made to the existing record (add before ~all):

Once the SPF record has been added, it may take a minimum of an hour to save the changes.

Thus, you should allow some time before sending out a new post.
To avoid problems regarding the delivery of your emails, you must ensure that the SPF record contains the IP-addresses of all of the service servers, which send emails under that specific domain. Consult your IT-support to determine all the services.

Check the performance of the SPF record with MxToolBox SPF Check. In the “Domain Name” field add the domain to which you added the SPF record to. Then click “SPF Record Lookup”. 

Adding DKIM records

  1. Enable DKIM signing by creating two new CNAME records under DNS record settings.
Record Type Value
blue.smly._domainkey CNAME
green.smly._domainkey CNAME
Adding SPF and DKIM records to domains