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Birthday automation workflows

How to create a birthday automation workflow?

You can set up an automation workflow to send birthday greetings or promotional codes to your subscribers. A birthday parameter with a birth date has to be added to the subscriber in the database (format YYYY-MM-DD). You can read from our tutorial “How to import subscribers’ birthdays” on how to add subscribers’ birthdays to your database.

  1. To create a birthday automation, go to the “Automations” tab and click on “New automation”.
  2. Add a name to your automation workflow.
  3. To add a trigger, click on the “+” sign.
  4. To create a birthday automation, choose “Schedule” trigger.

The workflow will be launched on a specific date given under the subscribers data (birthday field). You can choose a time delay to send the email at a specific time before or after the birthday.

  1. To send an email to the subscriber, click on the “+” sign and choose action “Send message”.
  2. Insert a subject of the email, sender’s address and choose a suitable template.
  3. Once all the necessary settings have been set, click “New automation”.
  4. When you’ve saved the automation you can start it in the automations tab by clicking on “Start”.
Birthday automation workflow example