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Adding tags to campaigns

How to add tags to campaigns?

You can add tags to campaigns, which makes it easier to find specific campaigns in the future. Tags can be added in the campaigns view as well as in the campaign detailed view.

  1. To add a tag to a campaign or a draft, go to the “Campaigns” tab and find the campaign you want to add tags to.
  2. Find the “+” button under the campaign name under details next to “Add tags” text.
  3. Click on the button and add the preferred name or choose a suitable one from the previously added tags.
Adding tags picture 1

You can also add tags in the campaign statistics detailed view:

  1. Click on the campaign name.
  2. You can add new tags in the “Tags” field in the general information tab.

In the “Campaigns” tab you can search for specific campaigns using the tags attached to them. Insert the tag name in the search field and all of the campaigns with this tag will automatically be displayed.

Adding tags picture 2