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Adding a success page to a form

How to add a success page to a form?

After filling in the form on the landing page, a visitor will be directed to a success page. The Smaily default success page will be displayed after a successful form submission. If you want to direct your contacts to a specific website or landing page after submitting the form, you can set up a custom success URL for your form.

  1. Choose a webpage or a landing page (e.g. “Thank you” page) where you want to direct the contacts after submitting the form. Open the page and copy the URL.
  2. Open your landing page with a form in your Smaily account to update it and add a new field.
  3. Choose “Hidden field” as field type.
  4. Name the field: success_url
  5. Choose a label for the field (e.g. Directing)
  6. The value of the field should be the url of the page where the contact will be directed to after submitting the form.
  7. Save changes and test the form out.

If you’re being directed to your chosen page after submitting the form, everything has been set up correctly.

Landing pages success page GIF