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Managing contact fields

How to manage contact fields?

You can update and delete the additional fields (parameters) attached to contacts.

  1. To manage contact fields, choose “Subscribers” from the menu and click “All subscribers”.
  2. Click “Manage fields” in the centre above and an overview of all of the fields will open.
  3. You can change the name of the fields and delete the fields.
  4. To change the name of the field, click on the field, insert a preferred name and click on the save icon at the end of the row.

As mentioned, you can also delete the fields.

  1. To delete a field, click on the trash bin icon at the end of the row.
  2. When deleting a field, all the data regarding that field will be deleted from the contacts. Before deleting a field make sure the field is not being used for an important filter or in templates.