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Adding a social media element

How to add a social media element?

You can add an element with social media icons that direct the reader to your social media accounts in the footer of the email.

  1. To add the element, open the window to add elements under the “+” sign in the lower left corner of the template.
  2. Drag the social media element to where you want it to appear.
  3. A default element with two icons will appear at the chosen spot.
  4. Click on the crossed wrenches icon in the element settings.
  5. You can choose the style of the icons in the social media element settings window.
  6. Now you can add a corresponding link to your social media accounts to each of the social media icons.
  7. Click “OK”.
  8. The selected icons with the links attached will appear on the social media element.
  9. Delete the links attached to the social media accounts you don’t want to display.