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EmailHeatmaps integration with Smaily helps you create amazing heatmaps to easily see the clicks results from all your email marketing campaigns. No more trawling data and easily see which clicks are hot or not in your campaign. In seconds you can analyze the click results, placement and success.


With EmailHeatmaps integration with Smaily you can:

  • create EmailHeatmaps on all sent campaigns.
  • Analyze clicks and placement.
  • Does not require any additional tracking or HTML skills to develop.
  • Reduce time reporting the success of your campaigns.
  • Compare two campaigns against each other.

Coming soon features which be included at no extra cost if you sign today:

  • Desktop vs mobile tabs
  • Campaign dashboard – compare all campaigns against each other and easily see which campaigns got the most clicks
  • Automations and automation dashboard
  • Heatmap range
  • Download and share function

But you will need to sign up today for us to add these to your plan for free. Try today for free at

Create a team with unlimited seats in your plan and unlimited EmailHeatmaps (up to your total campaign count!)

If you have any questions or need help with this integration, contact Smaily at or EmailHeatmaps