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Smaily: New Brand Name and Website

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Customer experience is the most important part of what we do at Smaily (formerly known as Sendsmaily). During the last couple of years, due to our growth and our customers’ open minds, enthusiasm, and trust building our email marketing software, we have experienced that Sendsmaily does not work to support our vision. It is hard to pronounce and confusing to remember.

After some of the internal battles and deliberations, we decided to chop off the “send” part of the name and simply call it Smaily. The new brand name, Smaily, speaks about a fun experience and the smile that our customers get when they first start using our online service. We want them to smile because it’s easy and fun.

Secondly, our website has been helping us for over 6 years. It was tired and needed a facelift. We wanted it to be alive, with information both useful and easy to find. The new website showcases the most important sections – product features, pricing, who we are, solutions, and contacts. It’s also by default in English because, as a company focusing more and more on exports, we want all of you to be able to understand the information.

Both Smaily and our new website require constant care and updates, so we will be working hard to make sure that you enjoy using our services and brand.

The Smaily Team