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Smaily – A Tool for Email Marketing and Automation in E-Commerce

Smaily Email Marketing tool

SMAILY is a tool for email marketing and automation in e-commerce. It’s also the email marketing leader in Estonia and on the shortlist in the Baltics and Scandinavia. After many years of development and testing, we have a whole range of e-commerce tools and dynamic assets that get their users the best results.

Crafted with Dedication, For the People

SMAILY has adapted agile methodologies to support instant functionality, together with a whole range of e-commerce tools and dynamic assets to support its products and services.

“Since SMAILY’s first day, we knew that we have to use some magic to create a true cut-through product in a very cluttered and even confusing market. Therefore, we decided to begin with in-depth analyses of the customer journey. To see all the issues our genuine everyday users face, tools they really want and start creating the most relevant experience for them.” explains Erkki Markus, SMAILY founder and CEO.

“We started by hiding the complexity and jargon out of sight, so frontline people who use the most common e-commerce solutions daily would have access only to the important tools that are easy to work with. This left our users with two things they need most – an intuitive and easy email newsletter creation tool and a clear reporting system that uses data visualization to deliver crisp and clear reports. This approach allows clients to test their visuals and messages in one channel and deploy elsewhere if the results are great.” says Erkki.

To ensure everything is kept as simple as promised, SMAILY’s highly experienced support and creative teams are available 24/7 to help clients with everything from e-newsletter design to send-out optimization and customized solutions.

Designed to Boost E-commerce Efforts

Long story short – SMAILY designs its platform for users and marketers without previous email marketing experience, and for designers who want creative freedom. SMAILY provides a full portfolio of services – starting from helping with the first campaign to providing content and design services, integrations, consultation, and report analyses – for precise customer targeting and great results.

SMAILY is attending Web Summit 2018, and they are ready to show how easy it is to take all e-commerce activities to the next level by using email marketing and automation solutions by SMAILY.

Erkki Markus – Founder & CEO
Tanel Rand – Sales & Marketing