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The Writing Script to Creating an Engaging Email Sequence


Ask any copywriting agency: creating and maintaining a high-performing email sequence can contribute to substantial business growth. Though there are new apps for facilitating communication, email is still king. Across industries, business emails are still a top contender for conveying information. Strategic marketing that utilizes the power of email sequencing can be very rewarding.

Although email is not the newest way to conduct business, it has prevailed for a long time in the industry. Last year, statistics showed that 78% of marketers credited much of their business development to emails, and approximately $42 can be made for every $1 spent in email marketing. Email marketing is clearly still an effective tool to draw in prospective clients and retain loyal clients.

The Buying Path

Why is email sequencing so effective? For starters, it’s a great way to reach a wide range of people. It’s also flexible enough to cater to the needs of different kinds of consumers. Budding businesses can take advantage of email sequencing in order to improve a consumer’s journey.

The buyer’s path initially unfolds at the realization of a need to address a problem. Typically, a potential consumer seeks out a particular product or service. Once a business begins interacting with the buyer, a well-placed business advertisement will lead them to the landing page. 

A well-planned landing page will include prompts to collect the visitor’s email address. Once an email address is added to a mailing list, pertinent data and positive experiences can be shared. Regular interactions lead to sales, and sales open up the opportunity for a lasting commercial relationship. The buyer’s path is a multi-step journey that requires a business to focus and commit.

Targeting Traffic

A landing page is a crucial location where emails are obtained to construct a list. To get traffic to that particular location, there needs to be an incentive. Advertisements are an excellent way to direct traffic, and there are a variety of different ad options for businesses to choose from. 

Studying trends for popular sites can indicate where advertisements will be the most effective. Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn are also promising locations with ad placement potential. Actively seeking patrons also has advantages. Quality traffic is more likely to convert visitors to real customers.

For a business to grow, the website landing page needs to be tailored to accomplish its purpose. Keep the text on the landing page straightforward and genuine. It’s crucial to promise that all data will be used ethically. There also needs to be a valuable return for a customer’s invested interest.

Give The Readers What They Want

On a practical level, businesses cannot afford to be ignored. Therefore, business emails need to be designed to stand out from the masses. Inexperienced email creators will limit themselves to jarring clickbait to attract attention. This is a careless tactic that can leave customers unsatisfied. Annoying emails can easily put a business in the spam category.

An email’s subject line should always grab the reader’s attention. This line needs to transmit the intent of the email in a clear way. Once interest is piqued, the subscriber will be motivated to open and read. The email content needs to meet the expectation that was created. Customers will eventually begin to categorize emails as junk if they do not provide relevant content.

Segmentation is an efficient way to ensure that the reader is receiving the right content at the best time. Businesses need to know the subgroups within the complete email list. Each subgroup or segment is characterized by distinguishing features. Knowing those unique conditions that separate or join certain types of consumers is key. A business can determine which promotions, updates, and notifications can be sent to each one.

Content relevance also extends to the manner in which information is presented. Impactful emails go beyond calling the subscriber by their first name. For example, references can be made to the consumer’s past purchases. Personalizing the entire message to the recipient can accomplish even more. Appropriately relevant content affects the client’s overall experience in a positive way.

Confused on what to write, how to address your audience, and how to keep them engaged? Online copywriting courses can help you gain insight to how exactly to resonate with your subscribers. 

Keep Emails On Topic

Email metrics are important elements to consider when measuring business growth. They’re essentially the vital signs measuring the vitality of an email list. Metrics need to be decided according to the goals and focus of the business. Four crucial metrics are:

  • Delivery Rate: When an email is placed in a subscriber’s inbox
  • Open Rate: When a subscriber opens emails
  • Click Through Rate: When a subscriber engages in a CTA
  • Unsubscribe Rate: When a subscriber rejects all future email deliveries

Paying attention to the metrics will show marketers where adjustments need to be made. A low click through rate is indicative of a need for improvement. Immediate action should be put in place to adjust and adapt. Without analyzing metrics, there is little to no chance of improving the viability of an email sequence.

Campaign For Loyal Customers

Emails sent out in a series are versatile enough to accomplish multiple business objectives. Sometimes campaigns can feature a promotion, whereas others can be used to share a newsletter or foster re-engagement. In every instance, an email campaign should reach a primary goal—secure customer loyalty. Companies that have run successful campaigns via email use common core elements such as:


  • Personalization
  • Target Lists
  • Set Timelines
  • Powerful Subject Lines
  • A Clear Call to Action
  • Email Follow-ups
  • Interesting Visuals

Reducing an email campaign to a simple sales pitch is not the most effective route. It will not make a customer feel like they are considered important. Special care ensures that the campaign is not a lost investment due to poor planning.

There are many techniques a company can employ to generate growth. While email marketing is not the only form of effective marketing, it is an essential tool. Many businesses have benefited from a high-performing email sequence. Emails have especially prevailed during a time when face-to-face meetings have been drastically cut. Whether used to support a startup or a seasoned company, a focused email sequence that harnesses the power of marketing can help a business thrive.

About The Author

Liz Slyman

Over the past decade, Liz has worked as a copywriter and digital marketing executive for a multitude of companies from startups to and mid-sized businesses to working as the VP of marketing for award-winning, platinum-selling artists. Leveraging an understanding of the nuance of language in marketing, Liz founded Amplihigher, a content marketing and copywriting agency, designed to connect consumers to companies in a way that results in next-level brand expansion.