E-commerce apps

Make beautiful letters that your customers appreciate! And use our apps to automate all e-commerce transactional emails.

€39 per month

Free until the beta version expires in May


With e-commerce apps, you can automate the customer experience at your shop. The customer should always know what is happening to their ordered goods or the next steps they should take. Communication is the key to client satisfaction, and it is easy to achieve it with automated emails.

E-commerce apps integrate with Smaily and offer a unique and easy way to automate customer communication. Send abandoned cart emails, shipping information, ask for feedback, and other emails at the moment when they are needed. The app will send information about purchases to Smaily, and based on predetermined triggers, you can set up correctly timed automations for any occasion.

For abandoned carts and purchase confirmations, our apps read all the necessary info from the webshop: product name, price, quantity, etc., to be included in the email.
Once you start using the app, setting up follow-up, shipping updates, cross-selling, and other emails becomes easy!

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  • Import data from other platforms
  • Data sync
  • Welcome new customers
  • Set up triggers for different emails
  • Order confirmation
  • Schedule triggered emails for later
  • Follow-up series
  • Shipping update
  • Abandoned cart
  • Cross-sell emails
  • Reactivation for churned customers
  • Content import from the webshop

E-commerce apps

Want to use E-commerce apps?

Use our native plugins

These native plugins are perfect for you if you need to automatically add newsletter subscribers to your Smaily subscribers list with additional data, generate rss-feed based on products,or enable abandoned cart functionality. For more advanced options please consider using new apps!