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Creating a Campaign

How to create a new campaign?

  1. Go to the “Campaign” tab and choose”New campaign”.
  2. Choose “New newsletter” in the opened window.

Adding campaign information

  1. Give your campaign a title (the “Subject” of the email – title, that will be displayed in the recipient’s inbox).

Avoid all caps and unnecessary exclamation points. You can use symbols in the title.

2. Choose a suitable sender’s address from the dropdown menu (“From address”). If you can’t find a suitable address from the menu, choose “New address” and fill in the sender’s name and email address fields.

If you’re using a new domain in the sender’s address, the domain needs to be verified first. Open the “Domains” tab under account settings. You’ll find detailed instructions in our Domain Verification tutorial.

3. If you wish to receive replies on a different address than the sender’s address, add a reply-to address.

4. After filling in the obligatory title and sender’s address fields, click “Continue”.

Choosing the content and testing

  1. To choose an email template, pick one from the previously created templates.
  2. To choose the best option, you can test out your email (more information in our “Testing your post” tutorial. To create a template, read our tutorial “Create a Drag and Drop Template”).
  3. Once you’ve chosen a suitable template and tested it successfully, click “Continue”.

Choosing the recipients

  1. Tick the list(s) you want to send your newsletter to or mark the contacts you don’t want to send your newsletter to with an X (double click in the box in front of the list you want to exclude).
  2. Once you’re done marking, click “Continue”.

Final check and launching

  1. Make sure all the previous steps have been done correctly.
  2. Press “Save and launch” if you want to send your post out right away.
  3. If you want to schedule the post for a later time, choose “Schedule for later” under the time and date selection.
  4. Determine the date and time of your post and press “Save and launch”.
  5. To send the post out in smaller fragments, tick the box in front of “Send in smaller batches” and set your desired parameters.

You can send 1000 emails per hour minimally.