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Exporting campaign reports

How to export campaign reports?

You can export detailed statistics for every campaign. This includes information regarding delivered emails, invalid addresses, subscribers who opened the email, unsubscribes etc.

  1. To see and export the statistics go to the “Campaigns” tab and click on the campaign regarding which you wish to receive the statistics.
  2. In the detailed campaign view you can choose between different exports.

Export types and included information


Under the “Links” tab you’ll find information regarding clicks on the links within your email.

  1. In the statistics view  go to the “Links” tab. Under “URL” the names of the links used in the email will be displayed.
  2. You can export the statistics by choosing “Export: Detailed link clicks report”.

You’ll find the information regarding when the link was clicked, who was the visitor and what the link was attached to.

Exporting the general statistics regarding the campaign

  1. Click on the “Addresses” tab in the campaign view.
  2. Click the “Export: Campaign overall statistics” link in the lower right side.
  3. A CSV file will be downloaded onto your computer. You can open and modify it in Excel.

Columns included in the general statistics report:
email – email addresses that the campaign was sent to
status – email statuses i.e. error message codes
enqueued – time when an email was sent to a specific subscriber:
clicks – the amount of times the links included in the email were clicked on;
views – the amount of times the email was opened based on the amount of times the images in the email were viewed. Some ESP-s allow you to open the email without displaying the images. Thus, the actual amount of email opens can be higher than the one displayed in the report.

Exporting the open / not opened contacts

  1. Click on the “Opened” tab in the post detail view.
  2. At the bottom of the page on the right choose “Export: Opened or Not opened”.

In the “Opened” file you’ll find an overview of the email addresses who opened the campaign, the amount of clicks on the links, the amount of views and viewing dates.

Click on the “Not opened” link at the bottom on the right to export email addresses who have not opened the campaign.

Exporting failed contacts

To get the statistics regarding the contacts to whom the sending failed, click on the “Failed” tab in the campaign detailed view and then “Export: Failed”.

You’ll find the email addresses to which the delivery of the newsletter failed, the response date and server feedback. Server feedback is an error code explaining the reason for the failure. See the explanations in our manual “Message status classificators”.

Exporting unsubscribed contacts

Click on the “Unsubscribed” tab and “Export: Unsubscribers” in the campaign detailed view to export unsubscribed contacts. The file will consist of email addresses and the date they unsubscribed.

Exporting the reports of completed campaigns

To export the statistics of completed campaigns go to the “Campaigns” tab and click “Export: Completed”.

The report will include the following columns:

  • section name;
  • template name;
  • template preview;
  • due at;
  • enqueues;
  • deliveries;
  • bounces;
  • opens- unique subscribers, who have opened the email and viewed the images/ clicked on links;
  • views – the amount of times the post was opened;
  • unique views
  • clicks;
  • unique clicks;
  • unsubscribes;
  • forwards;
  • complaints.