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Creating landing pages

How to create landing pages?

You can create beautiful landing pages and subscription forms with Smaily landing pages. View a small introduction into landing pages on our YouTube channel.

Creating a landing page

  1. To create a landing page or a subscription form, go to the “Landing pages” tab and click on “New landing page”.
  2. Choose an existing template or create a new one by clicking on the “+” icon. A landing page editor will open.
  3. Give your landing page a name and start adding layout and content elements.

There are four tabs in the menu on the right: Content, blocks, body and images. You’ll find all the important settings and elements to create a landing page / form under the first three tabs.

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Choosing the layout

Click on the “Blocks” tab in the menu. There you can choose between different layout elements. Those will help you determine the main visual layout of your landing page or form.

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Setting up the body

Under the “Body” tab you can set up the width and text format of the whole landing page / form. You can also choose the background color and image.

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Adding content

In the “Content” tab, you can drag different content elements onto your landing page.

Content elements you can choose from:

  • Columns – add a new layout element.
  • Button – add a button to direct to a suitable page.
  • Divider – creates a visual line to structure and separate different elements.
  • Form – lets you create a form on the landing page to collect the contacts’ data.
  • HTML – create an HTML element in the landing page.
  • Image – add a picture element.
  • Menu – add a menu element. You can create a horizontal or vertical linked menu.
  • Social – add social media icons.
  • Text – add a text element.
  • Video – add a video. Video can be played on the landing page.

See more user guides for landing pages.

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