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Creating a Filter with a Fixed Parameter

Why do you need additional parameters?

All contacts imported to your Smaily account will automatically be added to the database which consists of all the subscribers on the account. To create permanent contact segments, additional parameters must be added to the contacts. These parameters are needed to filter contacts with the same parameters into one segment and separate others into different ones.

Preparing your file of contacts

  1. Open your file of contacts in Excel (or a similar program).
  2. All email addresses have to be in the same column without empty rows in between.
  3. Name of the column must be “Email”.
  4. Add your desired parameter into a new column. If you’re creating a segment of press contacts, for example, the name of the parameter could be “Press”.
  5. Give each contact you wish to add to the new segment a value in the new column (e.g. “Yes”; “Member” etc.).

6. Once you’re done adding parameters, save the file and import it into your Smaily account.

You can create a temporary filter while importing or after importing by clicking “Create a filter”.

7. Once the import is done, open the filter you created or create a new one and change the criteria for segmentation.
8. Choose the parameter (e.g. “Press”) from the dropdown menu, according to which you wish to filter contacts from the entire database.
9. Insert the value you added to your contacts in the file (e.g. “Yes”) to the empty field.

10. Choose “Save” and a new segment of contacts will be created.

The created segment is based on a specific parameter. To add contacts to the same segment in the future, use the same parameter (e.g. “Press”) and the same value (e.g. “Yes”).