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Importing subscribers

How to import contacts to your Smaily account?

All subscribers imported into the account will be added to the “All subscribers” database. Different segments of subscribers can be compiled with the help of filters and thus separated from the entire database.

Smaily offers different options to import your subscribers onto the account – in a file, several subscribers at once using the copy-paste method or adding subscribers one by one manually. To find which way works best for you, you have to first figure out the structure of the future subscriber database.

Find the most suitable option for importing

  1. One big database, consisting of subscribers who the newsletters will be sent to. In this case, it’s best to import subscribers as a file. Simply having one column of email addresses is enough.
  2. One database consisting of different segments. If you have an extensive database and you want to segment your subscribers (e.g. on the basis of sex, location, language etc.), you have to give an additional parameter to your subscribers. Those subscribers will be separated from the “all subscribers” database on the basis of the additional parameter. Subscribers still have to be imported as a file, but this time additional parameters must be used. Read more from our tutorial “Creating a segment (filter)“.
  3. Extensive database, but temporary segments are needed to send a specific post. If you’re using one big database, but only want to use a part of it for a specific post, you can create temporary filters. A temporary filter is a filter created on the basis of a “modified” parameter. Subscribers will stay in that specific segment until the time, set by the filter, for changing the subscribers’ data is valid. Temporary filters are meant to be used right away. This means that the post is sent out as soon as the contacts have been imported.

For examples and explanation on importing subscribers see our video tutorial.