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How to Write Effective Customer Appreciation Emails


In your efforts to maintain a good relationship with your customers and make them want to keep coming back, you have to understand that your relationship doesn’t end with the completion of that one transaction. A letter of appreciation can go a long way in your efforts to retain your customers and inspire long-term loyalty. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to write effective customer appreciation emails. While it will take only a few minutes to compose an email you will send your customers, it will have a far-reaching effect on them. Moreover, it will develop your relationship with them. For that reason, we will share with you some tips on how to write a good appreciation letter. But first, let’s see what this type of email actually is.

1. What are customer appreciation emails?

A customer appreciation email is a kind of business correspondence you will use to express gratitude to your customers for making a purchase or using your services. This type of business communication helps you maintain a good professional relationship with your clients. You can resort to it to say thank you for being a first-time buyer or a long-time customer. 

Besides maintaining a solid relationship with your existing customers, a letter of appreciation can also help you generate new leads. It can happen due to referrals. And referrals happen when you have managed to make a positive impression on a customer, so they recommend you over another similar business. Remember, word of mouth is and has always been the very best marketing strategy. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to make your customer want to speak nicely of you. Ultimately, writing these letters will build a positive online image of your brand. 

2. The organization of effective customer appreciation emails

You can apply a few tips to composing any customer appreciation letter and customizing them to your specific needs and wishes. However, all letters typically follow a particular form: addressing the customer, stating reasons for writing, discussing the primary topic (depending on reasons for writing), signing off. And, of course, make sure every email you write has great content.

Addressing the customer and signing off

Always make things personal because that is the best way to make your business closer to the customer. The easiest way to do that is to address them by name in the email and to sign off in a personal way as well. Also, you can decide whether you want your email to have a more formal or informal tone. In that respect, you can either begin with:

  1. Dear (name), which is more formal;
  2. Hi (name), which is informal.

Similarly, when you sign off, you should use more personal phrases such as “Kind regards,” “Warm regards,” or “Best wishes.” Then, sign your name and title. 

State reasons for appreciation

If you have ever learned how to structure a formal or semi-formal letter correctly, you know that the beginning is always the reason for writing. Now, since we know that the reason here is to express your gratitude, you should begin by saying why you are writing to that particular customer specifically. Also, you should show genuine thanks for their support. So, if they are a new client, say thank you for their interest and decision to try your products or services. Alternatively, if they are a long-term customer, make sure you express appreciation for their loyalty.

Mention and possibly incentivize any future interactions

Before you sign off, say that you look forward to your future cooperation, an opportunity to serve your customer’s future needs. Depending on the type of business you have, you can offer help and let them know you are available should they need it. Also, it’s a good idea to provide a discount code or a coupon as a gift to incentivize their future interaction.

3. Tips for writing a letter of appreciation

Now that you know what your letter should look like, there are a few tips you should follow for the best results:

  • Don’t procrastinate writing the letter. It is always best to write a customer appreciation letter as soon as possible. For example, if you are writing to a first-time customer, you can send the letter and the discount coupon immediately after the order. 
  • Express sincerity and warmth. Even through the written word, people see right through fake emotions. There is no need to go into detail, but showing gratitude in a few brief sentences and doing so honestly will not go unnoticed. Moreover, if you manage to convey warmth, it will undoubtedly make your letter effective. Your company stops being a faceless entity somewhere far. It humanizes it, makes it approachable, helps it come across as compassionate. Hence, it can help create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. 
  • Be personal. We have already mentioned that you should address your customer by name. But by using more personal language, you can make your brand even closer to your clients. You can do that by using pronouns I, we, you, and steer clear of passive and overly formal structures. Use a friendly and kind tone. 
  • Make sure there are no typos and awkward language. You want to come across as professional. So, take a minute and proofread what you have written.
  • Make the design of the email catchy. The email you send needs to grab the readers’ attention. So, make sure you use an interesting email design that will achieve that.

4. Types of customer appreciation emails

There are several occasions when you can send letters expressing appreciation to your customers. We have talked about expressing gratitude for showing interest in your business and giving you long-term support. However, there are more reasons to do so: 

  1. Birthday emails – If you have a database of your customers’ birthdays, you can send special discounts rewarding them for their loyalty.
  2. Special occasion emails – Around big holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, remember to congratulate your customers.
  3. Anniversary celebration emails – When a significant milestone in the relationship of your business and your clients has been reached, you can gift them with a discount; for example, a year after the first purchase.
  4. Company milestone celebration emails – If your company celebrated ten years of being in business, it’s an excellent opportunity to treat your long-term customers as well as prompt newcomers to engage in more interactions.
  5. Emails with an exclusive offer – If your clients have a chance to become members of your club, you can create special offers only for them. Also, you can offer your most loyal customer the opportunity of early access to new products.

All of these situations are an excellent opportunity to consider implementing an email campaign. It is still a relevant marketing strategy, and many businesses have benefited from it. These emails are a perfect way to organize a campaign that will leave a positive impression on your existing customers and decide to target the new ones. 

Few final words

These emails serve to express gratitude to your customers for their support and reward their loyalty. They will undoubtedly feel appreciated if you do your best to let them know that you value their help. After all, it is your customers you should thank for staying in business for as long as you have. So, the least you can do for them is write effective customer appreciation emails and offer a few discounts. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation. They get something, and your business keeps retaining customers. And, of course, you can use automation, so you don’t waste time typing every email.