AI for Email Marketing: What You Need to Know


With an impressively high ROI, email remains the top digital marketing channel. 

It builds meaningful relationships with customers, boosts brand awareness, and maximizes customer conversions.

With the help of advanced technologies, you can maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Here is how.

Generating and Optimizing Email Subject Lines

Strong subject lines are the nerve center of email marketing. Once your email reaches their inbox, an email subject line is the first thing your recipients see.

When done right, subject lines can boost your open rates and user engagement. 

On the other hand, generic subject lines often get ignored. Even worse, they end up in the spam folder.

Source: Invespcro

In the past, creating an attention-grabbing subject line required hiring a skilled copywriter and experienced data analysts. 

However, AI is taking the subject line creation to the next level.

Tools like Phrasee use natural language generation (NLG) and machine learning (ML) to generate automated subject lines. Their ML algorithms are designed to match your brand voice with text. The tool looks at hundreds of emotions, sentiments, and phrases to predict how subject lines will resonate with your recipients. Most importantly, it analyzes the performance of subject lines and improves them on the go.

Smart Segmentation and Personalization

In today’s age of Big Data, customers are more demanding. Generic and one-size-fits-all content does not resonate with them anymore. In 2021, your customers expect personalized, relevant, and unique content from brands.

One of the most effective ways to deliver targeted experiences through email marketing is audience segmentation. That is not a new concept. You can use a wide range of demographic data, such as customer gender, age, or location, to break your recipients down into narrower segments. 

For example, Smaily offers a powerful subscriber management tool that lets you import contacts and classify them in a way you find the most convenient.

AI makes email segmentation more effective. Apart from segmenting audiences based on their basic data, such as location or purchase history, you can use ML to analyze their behavioral patterns. That way, you can learn more about customers’ sentiments, preferences, and behaviors and adapt your email campaigns accordingly. 

Boomtrain can help you here. That marketing tool uses artificial intelligence to personalize content for each user. It analyzes their behaviors, such as interactions with websites, emails, or apps, to provide a unified view of each contact. By delivering personalized email content, you will boost user engagement, click-through rates, and, ultimately, conversions.

Building Smarter Newsletters

Segmenting and optimizing email newsletters is not an easy task. Luckily, AI tools make the process a lot smarter and efficient. 

Many brands rely on AWS cloud email services and hiring staff with AWS certificates to personalize newsletters. For example, Duolingo uses email newsletters to turn language learning into a daily habit. The AWS email service helps them send highly targeted newsletters and reports. 

Artificial intelligence plays a fundamental role in newsletter creation. 

With the help of AI algorithms, you can create personalized AI-generated newsletters. One such tool is It automatically curates content to generate targeted newsletters for each reader. That can significantly improve customer engagement, conversions, and retention rates. 

Creating Automated Email Content

Similar to subject lines, you can automate the rest of the email content, as well. AI tools can use curated content, links, blog post snippets, and images to produce highly engaging email newsletters. 

Most importantly, AI algorithms will reduce the time and resources needed to keep your campaigns up and running.

Acrolinx is a leading AI tool for automated content creation. Unlike other content spinning tools, Acrolinx is an authoring tool. In other words, it analyzes and understands your business’s communication patterns and sentiment. It helps you align email content with your brand style and tone.

Determining Optimal Timings and Email Frequency

In the world of email marketing, timing is everything. When launching email marketing campaigns, you perform heavy data analytics, experiment with different timings, and A/B test campaign performance. Manually analyzing campaign performance takes lots of time and effort.

Artificial intelligence eliminates guesswork and helps you deliver informed decisions. By automatically analyzing various data points, it optimizes the timing and frequency of your email campaigns. 

One such tool is Seventh Sense. It monitors how your customers interact with your emails. Based on the data it collects, it creates perfect delivery time for each email you send. By monitoring user engagement, Seventh Sense can also increase or decrease the email number and frequency. That way, it minimizes customer frustration and enhances user engagement and conversions. 

Getting the Most of Email Promotions

Email is one of the most effective marketing channels. It helps you deepen relationships with customers and encourage them to purchase faster. By offering relevant promotions, you can persuade customers to sign up for your email list, too.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning help you improve the effectiveness of your promotions. For example, you can combine your email campaigns with chatbots. AI-driven bots can remind customers about their unopened emails or carts, and special offers that are waiting for them.

Improving Email Deliverability

Artificial intelligence improves the deliverability and performance of your email campaigns. For example, with AI technologies, you can analyze your email databases and declutter them. These tools can remove outdated contacts and update customer information automatically. 

Drift Email uses AI to help you optimize your newsletter list. It automatically updates your contact base and routes emails from customers to the right people at your company.

Over to You

Artificial is the future of email marketing. 

It helps you automate menial tasks, such as data analytics, A/B testing, or subject line generation. That way, it improves the effectiveness of your campaigns while reducing your time and money investments.

Most importantly, you will gain invaluable insights that will help you increase open rates, engagement, and conversions.