Multichannel Marketing

Perfect Combination: Email Marketing and Social Media


From a strategic point of view, there are many benefits to making sure your social media and email marketing are in sync. This time we will take a look at it more practically – let’s find out how you can include social media in your marketing emails. Shall we learn more about that perfect combination: email marketing and social media?

Social Buttons in Your Email Templates

The most popular way to incorporate social media into your emails is by adding social media buttons. You can include them in different template sections, though the most commonly used place is probably the footer. Remember, you can customize the icons to match your overall branding; you can select the channels that are relevant to your business.

Re-use Your Social Media Content

If you’re sending a newsletter out to your subscribers, why not try to reuse the content that you post on your social media channels? Obviously, the content needs to fit the email and be relevant. But, if it does, it could create a perfect opportunity to link to your social media accounts or posts and potentially grow your social media followers, as well as build stronger relationships with your subscribers.

Dedicated Marketing Emails for Your Social Media Activity

Email marketing doesn’t start and end with a newsletter – email marketing encompasses many different types of emails. You can go a step further and if it fits your business, you could try to run a series of emails with sections dedicated to different social media channels.

In one email, you can discuss Instagram and highlight your content there. The next time you can write about Facebook and what benefits your subscribers would get if they connected with you there. Tailor the content to represent your business and your goals – whether it’s establishing a presence in a new channel or if it’s growing brand recognition in an already well-used channel.

Try Launching a Social Media Roundup Email

If your business relies heavily on social media, and you post new content often and have a strong following and engagement, you should try testing out a social media digest email. Share your most successful posts or tweets. It can also be engaging for the part of your subscribers who aren’t your social followers, too – they can see the content without being on these social media platforms. Maybe, you can even encourage them to sign up!

Promote Your Social Contests

If you rely on social contests, don’t forget to promote them to your email subscribers too! You can definitely get some good engagement for those emails and encourage your subscribers to follow you across the different social media platforms. Everybody likes good competition!

Current Content: Social Media Feed in Your Emails

Whether you’re active on Instagram or Twitter – having a social media feed in the email means bringing some current and fresh content to your emails.

The RSS feed of your desired social media channel can be included in the email template. Not only can you showcase your feed but also drive traffic to your social media channels and promote your social profiles in a more interactive way than a commonly used social media button bar.

Simple But Effective: Ask For Social Engagement

Last but not least, we want to highlight a simple truth – sometimes, all you need to do is ask. In your email, you can ask your subscribers to Tweet or Retweet, ask them to connect, and share your content.

However, make it easy for them to do that. Your email content should be easily shared. Think about having, for example, a highlighted Tweet, with characters counted, ready for action.

If it fits your business, use popular hashtags. If you build strong and trusting relationships with your subscribers, you might be pleasantly surprised with the response you can get from a simple social media share ask!

What to keep in mind:

  • Re-use your social media content.
  • Ask subscribers for social engagement.

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