Ways to Use Email Outreach to Grow Your Business


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A good email outreach program can help grow your business in various ways. You can find new customers and engage them in a personalized fashion. Or you can re-engage old customers and hopefully garner further business from them. But, to make any of this possible, you need to understand what email outreach is about and prepare properly. So, in this article, we will outline a couple of ways to use email outreach to grow your business. We will give you some ideas on how to prepare so that your outreach program has the desired effect. 

Do your homework

As one of the oldest online messaging platforms, emails have remained surprisingly relevant. But, to truly get the desired results from your email outreach, there are a couple of preparations you’ll have to make.

Grow to understand your customer base

The great thing about emails is that you can make them as personal as necessary. Good email outreach programs rely heavily on personalization, ensuring that their emails are effective. But, before you can seriously consider email personalization, you first need to grow to understand your customer base. Things like:

  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Marital status.
  • Education status.

All of these will impact how you create and develop your emails. The tone, the length, and the phrasing will all depend on who you are writing your emails to. With further research, you can even look to time your emails accordingly to ensure the best effect.

Outline an email outreach strategy

In the next paragraph, we will go over multiple ways to utilize email outreach to grow your business. The one thing we would advise right off the bat is to NOT try and utilize all of them. To ensure that your email outreach is doing what it should, there are some KPIs that you need to follow. And following them becomes much more difficult if you run parallel outreach programs. These KPIs will also tell you how to change the ongoing program to boost its performance.

A graph showing the effect of emails on online traffic, showing how you can use email outreach to grow your business.
The only way to reliably track the performance of your email outreach program is to establish sensible KPIs.

You can even use email outreach to build links and boost your SEO rating. But, to make that possible, you will first need to understand the basics of link building and SEO management. While it is possible to master this in no time, we strongly suggest that you do your research carefully and only start working on your SEO once you have a good understanding of it.

Use email outreach to grow your business

When choosing your preferred program, try to consider two things. How easy it seems to put into practice. And whether it is suitable for your audience. The best email outreach program for your business is the one that is relatively easy to incorporate into your ongoing marketing efforts. And the combination of the previous two factors should outline that program. There are services that can assist with brand authority, by gaining valuable links back to your site, and improving your business exposure. 

Cold email outreach – maybe, or maybe not…

Let’s start with the outreach program with the oldest track record. Namely, cold email outreach is based on cold calling practiced by old-school sales agents. This implies sending an email to an audience member who has had little to no interaction with your brand. Keep in mind that cold email outreach can be effective. But you need to know what type of emails to create and how to send them to your audience.

Cold email outreach has the best results when you can use it on people you know will make use of your brand. For instance, if you sell sports goods, you can look to engage with coaches simply through emails. Or, if you are selling packing supplies, you can look to engage with local companies that can make use of them. But, we would advise you to expect little response from the people you are trying to reach. Keep in mind that they don’t know your brand and that you didn’t lay any groundwork for your engagement. Therefore, 9 times out of 10, they are likely to completely ignore your message, even if they could benefit from it.

 A businesswoman reading an email while talking on her phone.
Cold emails might not be the most effective way to use email outreach to grow your business.
Customer re-engagement

The timing of your emails can be just as important as its content. And there is hardly a more time-based email outreach program than customer re-engagement. Namely, if you wish to motivate your former customers to once again do business with you and therefore increase their CLV, you can look to do so via email. The trick here is to anticipate when the customers will need your business.

You can outline when most customers of a particular demographic choose to do business with you by following customer behavior. This factor alone drastically narrows the possible time windows for customer re-engagement.

Customer experience boost

Creating a positive customer experience has become one of the major goals of modern marketing. Therefore, if you want people to enjoy your brand, you will do whatever is necessary to help boost the customer experience. Again, we see an instance where you can use email outreach to grow your business. Namely, a warm, well-written customer appreciation email can make your company shine in customers’ eyes. By doing so, you increase brand awareness and make re-engagement far easier.

A woman smiling while reading an email on her phone.A single email can be all you need to turn a one-time customer into a returning one.

In conclusion

Trying to use email outreach to grow your business is one of the oldest practices in online marketing. Various businesses have used emails in various ways to increase their audience, convert them into customers, and establish a stronger brand presence. Unfortunately, while they are a powerful tool, they cannot be the entirety of your marketing campaign. The key factor is understanding what role emails play and how to best use them in your marketing. 

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