7 Reasons Why Targeted Emails Are More Effective Than Social Marketing

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All the fuss about social media marketing has overshadowed email marketing. Undermining the power of email is one of the biggest marketing mistakes a business owner or marketer can make. Contrary to some opinions, targeted emails can actually be much more effective than social media marketing.

Even though the online marketplace is constantly changing, email is here to stay. Several reasons support the claim that email marketing is still supreme. The following reasons will clarify why targeted emails can overpower social media marketing.

1. Emailing is more widespread

As popular as social media is, there are still people who refuse to become a part of the social media community.

On the other hand, email is one of the most essential means of communication. Practically, everyone has an email. According to a recent Radicati Group study (PDF), there were more than 3.8 billion email users in 2018.

Unlike social media, where you must target social media platforms based on demographics, emails can be sent to anyone. This enables a broader reach and easier access to your target audience.

Not to mention that if most of your customers are elderly, social media won’t have much effect. While nowadays, even older people have email addresses.

2. Users prefer email as the way of receiving updates

It is proven that users prioritize email as their favorite way of receiving brand updates, promotions, relevant information, etc.

Just consider that if someone gave you their email address by becoming a user on your website or they subscribed to newsletters, they will expect to hear from you. Consequently, they will pay more attention to the emails you send.

Social media may be a better marketing method for reaching out to larger masses, but the content you post will be overlooked by many.

Whenever a brand wants to inform users about important news, email is their best bet that the users will actually receive and take notice of the message.

3. Emails help you create a closer connection with the users

Users are aware that your social media posts aren’t specifically targeted at them. Meaning that social media posts are a more generalized way of communicating with users.

Generalization can never build a strong bond as personalized content can.

Targeted emails allow you to create a connection with your users. Addressing them by their name and sending them customized offers will help you form a loyal army of supporters.

This explains why email is much more effective when it comes to strengthening the relationship between the brand and the users.

Mathew McKinsey, the head of the marketing department at Studicus, says that he had discovered that emails have a much better effect on customers than social media. Based on his experience, he shared the following opinion:

“It is much easier to form a strong connection with users over email than over social media profiles. Social media is more for entertaining the audience while email is for creating a lasting relationship.”

4. Emails enable you to collect data

Look at targeted emails as an opportunity to get valuable insight into your customers’ preferences.

By collecting data based on open rate, effective subject lines, click-through rate, and so on, you will be able to create an attractive marketing campaign.

For example, based on the success of your subject line, you’ll know what type of approach your customers like. Also, considering the click-through rate, you’ll know which content works best for your users. You can later reuse that effective content for other marketing channels like social media.

Unfortunately, social media doesn’t offer this possibility.

Email helps you to define your hits and misses and shape your future marketing campaign based on that information.

5. Emails drive more sales

Engaging posts can make social media users check out your brand, but it is unlikely that it will increase your sales rate. You can use social media to make announcements, but the users probably won’t like it if you spam their DM.

The fact is that 44% of users check their email for a deal from a company they know, whereas only 4% will go to Facebook. The difference is quite noticeable.

An email with amazing content and a strong CTA can drive your sales through the roof.

For example, you can send follow-up emails suggesting products that are based on the customer’s previous purchase. In this way, you can encourage them to make another one. Strategic moves such as this aren’t an option on social media.

6. Emails are more inclusive than social media

Think about it, if you are a customer that has some questions for the brand, would you reach out to them over email or social media?

Email is a necessity when it comes to running a business, while social media is more of a luxury. The inclusivity of email makes the customers more trusting of the brand, who respond promptly.

Use targeted emails to ensure that the users get the best treatment and see you as a trustworthy brand.

7. Make sure that your message is received

Not everyone has the routine of checking social media platforms daily. Even if they do, no one can guarantee that they will come across your post.

In the sea of other brands and users who are occupying the news feed, your post can easily be neglected.

This can’t happen with email. Email is more personal, and users usually share their email with brands they are truly interested in.

If you have their email on the subscriber’s list, they will open your message. Targeted emails will ensure that the users receive the intended information. That is why brands use emails for all the discount information and important announcements.

Should social media be neglected?

The answer is simple – no! Social media is also an important marketing channel. It can help you appeal to a wider audience, keep your audience engaged, and build your list of subscribers.

Use social media to collect email information from users so that you can send them personalized emails that will win them over. Remember that every marketing channel has its purpose. You just need to know how to use them effectively.

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What to keep in mind:

  • Users prefer Emails to receive updates.
  • Emails drive more sales.

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