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Connecting landing page form with a segment

How to connect a landing page form to a segment?

If you want to connect your landing page form to a specific segment, a hidden field must be added to the form.

  1. Open the segment where you want the subscribers to be added after submitting their information via a form.
  2. Check the segmentation rules – if the filter has been created parameter-based, remember the name and value of the parameter. If a filter has been created using a “modified” parameter, read more on how to create a parameter-based segment first.
  3. Open the landing pages tab and the form you want to connect to the segment.
  4. Click on the form element and add a new field.
  5. Select “Hidden field” as the field type.
  6. Name the field after the parameter that is used in the filter of the selected segment.
  7. Use the name of the segment as the field label. Only you can see the label.
  8. The value of the field should be the same as the value set in the filter conditions of the selected segment.
  9. Save the form and test it out.
  10. Check if your email was added to the selected contact segment.
Connecting landing page with a filter