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How To Write And Send Your First Marketing Email


Writing a marketing email is not as easy a task as it may seem to be at first sight. The development and growth of your business services depend on the text of your first email in a marketing campaign. This process contains many details and tricks that are important to consider before starting with email marketing communications. If your first email is not properly structured, there are two courses of events:

  • the email will be lost and neglected;
  • the email will sound too forceful and unprofessional and will probably go into the spam folder (when your message gets into spam, you will never be able to send the message to this client/company again).

Therefore, we decided to research this topic more deeply to create an ultimate guide on writing your first marketing email and make this process effective and profitable for your company. We hope our tips will be useful for a first email marketing campaign. 

Much Value in a Short Message

The first and pivotal rule of writing correct marketing emails is to provide real value and benefits to recipients. Do not promote your services too much, as nobody will care how good your services/products are. Describe how your company can help your potential customer with their issues, needs, and requirements. In addition, you can provide them with use cases or examples. Although, you need to remember that a plain sheet of text will be hard to read and perceive. Your first marketing email has to be short, well-structured, where bullets and highlighting within the text are used. The task is to get the client interested and continue communication. You will be able to discuss more details in your following emails and perhaps even online meetings.

Starting with Email Marketing: Collect the Client Contacts 

Before sending your first marketing email, you have to know to whom you will send this message. The number of emails is commonly unlimited, but it also depends on the email marketing tool your company uses. Foremost, you need to define your target audience – from which industries are your clients from. It can be real estate businesses, digital marketing agencies, financial facilities, potential consumers of your products, and so on. The content of the marketing email must be relevant for the recipients, or your email marketing campaign will fail. You can automatically gather a client database from selected platforms such as LinkedIn and industry-relevant popular websites.

Personalize Your Emails

Personalize your initial marketing email to convey respect and demonstrate a genuine interest in partnering specifically with their brand. If you send the same text to your clients from your database, the percentage of opening and reading your proposal will be extremely low. It is not necessary to make the whole mail different for each company, especially since it’s your first attempt, but the company’s name has to be personalized. Thanks to modern email marketing tools like Smaily, you don’t have to change each letter manually. You just upload the client database with the brand names, and the tool automatically sends them personalized marketing emails. 

The Subject of Your Marketing Email Matters

The subject of your first email has a significant impact on further communication with your potential customers. The message subject is the first thing that attracts attention and entails two scenarios – your email will be opened and read, or your email will be deleted or spammed, which is even worse for an email campaign. The subject has to be brief but informative. 

For example, you can briefly describe the value of your cooperation, what resource your company can provide your potential client with, or what concrete service you offer corresponding to recipients’ needs. We suggest composing multiple versions of email subjects to decide which one is the most suitable.

Preheader/preview Text Has to Involve

Preview text is the first sentence of your marketing email shown on your recipients’ profiles. Following the email subject, the content is the second crucial factor that determines the fate of your collaboration; it either piques the recipient’s interest or causes them to ignore the message. To know how to attract the email receivers, you need to explore the needs of your target audience, the issues they face daily, and how your brand can help them fix these problems as soon as possible. Of course, you cannot hold all this information in the preview text, so the choice of what it will contain is up to you. In addition, you can test many variants to define the perfect one for your email marketing campaign. 

Add Actionable CTAs and Links to Your Products/service Pages

As weird as it sounds, the CTA (call-to-action) buttons must enable recipients to action (make a purchase, contact your team, follow the link, and so on). The text of CTA is no less important than the subject of your marketing email. The message has to be clear to everybody, brief, and encouraging to continue the communication with your company. Along with CTA, you can also add links to the services or products you describe in the message to make readers more familiarized with your brand and its key specifics. By surfing your business website, the potential customers can also find reviews from your previous clients, look through your portfolio, read about the company foundation, directors, and main values in business. 

Choose a Simple Writing Style

You don’t know the personality types of your recipients. So we recommend writing as simply as possible, highlighting the main point of your message. Even if you write about complicated processes or services, try to describe them easily and be understandable for everybody, as the writing service Writing Judge commonly does. Avoid complex words, terms, and turns of phrases not to confuse your potential customers or partners. Simple writing style gives you another benefit over the understanding with the recipients. If you choose a complex writing style, your potential clients may suppose you are arrogant and superior to others. Such a method will create a distorted reputation of your brand and decrease the probability of partnering with other companies in the industry. 

Try Not to Overdo With the Number of Emails Per Company

An obsessive approach in email marketing will lead your email campaign to a huge failure. Nobody likes receiving tons of useless letters to attract their attention. Jumping ahead, they will never want to deal with your company again. If we talk about single customers that receive your emails with range of products or promotions, such emails can be a little more frequent, like once or twice a week, no more. If you plan to partner with huge brands and the recipients are busy individuals who dislike being disturbed from their daily tasks, then send just one marketing email and wait for a response. A follow-up email is advisable after 10-15 days after sending the first message with no reaction to it. 

In Conclusion

These tips can not specify what exact text you have to write in your first marketing email to attract your first partner or customers. However, all these general email marketing tips are obvious to follow to make your email high-quality and work profitably for your business. As the custom writing service Trust My Paper claims, there is no specific formula and combination of words that will help you involve your target audience. We recommend starting with the benefits you can provide your clients with, and only then describe what features they actually propose. 


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