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Link to a form inside the landing page

How to link to a form in the same landing page?

When creating longer landing pages, you might need to link to a form in a different place of the landing page. Follow these steps to create an anchor to the form inside the same landing.

  1. To create an anchor, find the form you want to link to in your landing page and add an HTML element before the form (or the whole content block).
  2. Click on the added HTML element and on the right side menu you can see the textbox with “<strong>Hello, world!</strong>”.
  3. Delete the existing code and replace it with this: <span id="register">&nbsp;</span>
  4. Now go to the button or text, that you want the visitors to navigate from to the form.
  5. Click on the button and in the URL field add: #register
  6. Make sure that the “target” is the same tab.
  7. If you save the landing page and open it for sharing, you can test the process.